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Juvéderm® is synthetic hyaluronic acid in the form of a transparent, homogeneous, viscoelastic gel. Hyaluronic acid is a substance which is naturally present in the dermis, and maintains the hydration of tissues. It declines gradually with age. Juvéderm is a replacement source for hyaluronic acid.

A Juvéderm® treatment is an easy and instant cosmetic enhancement that gives you a refreshed, radiant look. It gently smoothes wrinkles and restores volume – reversing the signs of aging. It can also be used to enhance facial features such as your lips and cheeks for added fullness and definition with a natural look.

Dr. Maimets will listen to your needs and provide a treatment plan to help you achieve an energized, radiant complexion. Below, you will find additional information including answers to common questions, fees as well as pre and post care instructions.

What areas can be treated with Juvederm?

  • Forehead – ease the horizontal lines and wrinkles across the forehead, as well as the vertical lines between the eyebrows
  • Eyes – smooth away the fine, superficial lines in the eye area
  • Lower face – lessen the lines between the nose and lips (nasolabial folds), and between the corners of the mouth and jaw (marionette lines)

How long does Juvederm last?
Juvederm allows immediate treatment. A touch-up after a few weeks helps to prolong
the result. The effects of Juvederm usually last 9 months. The duration depends on the type of skin, the area treated, and the amount injected. In some cases the results may last for up to one year.

Do Juvederm iniections hurt?
Juvederm is injected into the skin in tiny amounts, with an ultrafine needle. To optimize your comfort during the procedure, Dr. Maimets can anesthetize the treatment area prior to injection.

Can Juvederm replace surgical procedures?
No, although Juvederm is sometimes used in conjunction with surgery to fill out wrinkles that cannot be removed by surgery.

Initial Consultation
(Fee will be applied to your first treatment.)
First Vial
Second Vial
For best results, please follow these instructions.

  • Immediately after treatment, the most commonly reported side-effects were temporary redness and swelling at the injection site. These effects typically resolve in less than seven days. Cold compress may be used immediately after treatment to reduce swelling. If the reaction continues beyond seven days, please contact us.
  • Avoid touching the treated area for six hours following the injection. After that, the area may be gently washed.
  • Until the initial redness and swelling have resolved, avoid exposure of the treated area to extreme cold weather or intense heat.
  • If you have previously suffered from cold sores, there is a risk that the needle punctures could contribute to recurrence. Please speak to Dr. Maimets about medications that may minimize this risk.
  • Avoid exercise and alcohol for six hours after treatment.
  • Having a follow-up treatment before the Juvéderm has fully dissipated may enhance the lasting effect.
  • One week prior to your next treatment with Juvéderm, avoid taking aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, St. John’s Wort, and a high dose of Vitamin E. These agents may increase bruising and bleeding at the injection site.


Easy & instant cosmetic enhancement
Reverses the signs of aging
Restores volume

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